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For sale signThis article serves to conclude and recap my series on the selling of your home in Dayton or elsewhere in our area. I felt it was necessary to write on this topic due to the fact that many people do not know where to begin once they have decided to sell their house. Failing to go about the process correctly can, unfortunately, result in a seller receiving less than what their home is actually worth. The goal of my last several articles was to provide information which will help people to understand the process which they are beginning. It has also been my goal to provide information which will help with the selection of a real estate agent. If you wish to list your residence then contact me today to speak with a realtor.

I looked at a number of topics over my recent articles. Topics which I discussed included:

I addressed these topics for multiple reasons. First, many people ask “do I need a real estate agent to sell my house?” While hiring an agent is not required, there are many advantages to doing so. These advantages include the possibility of obtaining a higher price as well as a chance of selling your home faster. The potential higher price often justifies the fee that would be paid to a realtor. Second, when pricing your home there are several factors which you should consider. These include any repairs which may be needed, whether it is worth it for you to pay for the repairs, as well as any issues stemming from your neighborhood. Finally, knowing what to expect from the selling process can help to ensure that the process goes smoothly. This, in turn, can help you to ensure that your house is not on the market longer than what is necessary.

One point I stressed through each of these articles is that there are many benefits to retaining a realtor. It is also important to remember that a realtor will not charge you anything to view your residence and to give you an assessment as to the potential for selling it. If you are considering listing your residence for sale then contact me today to speak with a real estate agent. I also service the areas of Beavercreek, Centerville, Cincinnati, Clayton, Englewood, Oakwood, Fairborn, Harrison Township, Huber Heights, Kettering, Miami Township, Miamisburg, Riverside, Springboro, Trotwood, Vandalia, Washington Township, West Carrollton, and Xenia.